On this page, you will find frequently asked questions regarding the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® Vacuum Seal Food Storage System. If you do not find an answer to a specific question you might have listed below, please feel free to send us an email. Just go to our contact page!


Are the bags reusable? Yes, Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Bags® are reusable. We do not recommend that you reuse them when storing items such as raw meats, poultry and fish.


Can I freeze and store liquids? We recommend that you do not use these for freezing and storing liquids like soup, however they are great for marinating meats and fish!


Can these be used for items such as flour, coffee and other items that I will not freeze? Yes, the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® vacuum seal food storage system works perfectly for items that you keep in you pantry. Try them on fresh cookies, crackers, flour, coffee, nuts and more!


Can I travel with the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac®? Yes. People always tell us how they love to pack the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® in their suitcase when they travel. You can shrink down outfits and seal cosmetic and vanity items perfectly.