What is the cause of Freezer Burn?

Freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation, due to air reaching the food.

Freezer Burn and How to Prevent it:

The simple facts:

When foods are frozen without a vacuum being created in the Container or Bag in which they are placed, freezer burn will occur. Freezer Burn occurs because the food becomes dehydrated and is exposed to oxygen. This results in a dried and leathery appearance. Freezer Burn also ruins the flavor and texture of foods.

Vacuum packing in the DEBBIE MEYER GeniusVac Bags®, using the convenient and portable, battery operated, DEBBIE MEYER GeniusVac® will help eliminate freezer burn, by preventing dehydration and preventing cold dry air coming into contact with the frozen food.

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